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Religious Education

Journey of a life-time

"The name of catechesis is given to the whole of the efforts within the Church to make disciples, to help people to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, so that believing they might have life in His name, and to educate and instruct them in this life and thus build up the Body of Christ." Pope John Paul II, 1979

Religious Education - The journey of a life-time!


Catechesis (teaching the faith) is first of all an encounter with the Divine Person of Jesus Christ. He is the Master, The Teacher, The Good Shepherd. 


Only then can we share that experience with others. Catechesis becomes an adventure, a responsibility , a joy and the mission of every fully initiated Christian. Our faith will  grow in the measure that we share it with others!  On-going formation is a moral obligation of every Chistian. The  world-view and culture we live in are no longer Christian! Society has made religion a private and personal opinion not to be shared with others! Our amercian culture is becoming more anti-Catholic and anti-Christian. Parents must be more engages than ever!

All Christian adults need to continually grow in their knowledge, love and imitation of Jesus Christ. We never stop learning!  Only then can we hand on to our children  our own personal experience and relationship with Jesus Christ to our children.


We cannot expect or hope that someone else will do this, it must start at home from a very young age. Children are quick to discover whether their parents live according to Jesus Christ or the spirit of the world. The times we live in challenge our faith, we must learn how to swim or see ourselves slowly sinking in the murky waters of a consumerist and materialistic world.  


The Parish relies on the generosity of parishioners and parents who freely and humbly serve as catechists. Many of our catechists are receiving on-going formation as teachers in the faith. Parents should be grateful and respectful to our volunteers, who, out of love for our children and in service to Jesus Christ, freely dedicate time and make sacrifices to teach our children the basics of the faith. 

Parents and God-parents are reminded that THEY ARE THE PRIMARY TEACHERS and have the responsibility to be living witnesses of Jesus Christ, at home and in the world, and to take seriously their vocation to be the first and best educators of the faith to their own children.

We can only build on what is already taking place in the home.  Faith begins in the family! Please make sure your role as parents includes teaching your children how to pray before and after meals, in the mornings and evenings, the priority of God in their lives (Sunday worship), how to make small sacrifices (limiting time on tv, video games, etc), how to go to confession, reading the bible,  helping others, respecting their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit, how to recognize and serve Christ in the poor and neglected, devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to the saints, visiting Christ in the Eucharist. There are many tools that can help you learn how to share the faith at home. Take the time and make this investment in your child's soul before it is too late! Look on our links page. There we will continually update our links with the best resources we can find!

Hopefully the sowing of God's life and love is already happening at home on a regular basis from the earliest years! We are here to help you in your task, but we can never take your place in this adventure!

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