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The Candidate must be baptized and have received the sacrament of first communion and confirmation. The young girl must be confirmed or actively (paid registration) preparing for confirmation. Copy of confirmation certificate must be turned in at the time of registration/scheduling.

Parishioners & Non-Parishioners

A parishioner is someone living within our parish territory boundaries or someone who is already registered as a parishioner for at least six months at the time of the booking. For the purpose of Quinceaneras, the candidate and or only her parents must be parishioners (not God-parents, etc...).

Church Decorations

  • Throughout the year, the church is decorated to reflect the various liturgical seasons of the year. Our is very beautiful and sacred and does not require more decorations. No ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS will be permitted. You are restricted from moving or removing any items from the sanctuary area. Listed below are guidelines to follow:
  • The church will provide a kneeler, small table and chair at the altar for the honoree.
  • Bows, ribbons and floral arrangements may be used to adorn the pews in the center aisle. NO TAPE. Do not use wire, tape, pushpins, thumbtacks or anything that would damage the pew to attach the bows. Pew clips or ribbons are acceptable and are sold at party supply stores.
  • Please remove the pew decorations before leaving the church. We do not guarantee that they will be found later.
  • You may arrive at the church one 1/2 hour prior to the ceremony to decorate. 
  • Rice, flowers, potpourri and birdseed are prohibited in and outside of the church for safety and liability reasons. Slipping on these items could cause serious injury to you, your Quinceañera party and guests.
  • Candelabra and arches, and other artificial columns are not allowed in the church. They only detract from the beauty of our Temple.  
  • No plastic runners are needed in the center aisle. Please use our elegant red carpet. 

Important Documentation for young girl who have their celebration reserved  

Presentations and Anniversaries and Sacramental release forms:

We are happy to celebrate important life moments with our Registered Parishioners, or parishioners that live within our Parish Boundaries and our active members of our parish.  

Sacramental Record Release Form or our Online Scramental Record Release Form if you do not have your childs' Baptism Certificate you can request a new copy.  


Sacraments of Initiation

Sacraments of Healing

Sacraments of Service

Celebrations or Blessings

Quinceanera, Presentations and Anniversaries.



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