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Virtus Training

What is the Virtus Training Program?

The Virtus Training Program focuses on "Protecting God's Children". It was created to educate individuals who come in contact with the children of the parish and school. It is very important for them to be alert for any possible child sexual abuse. This program teaches how to prevent, recognize, and respond to child sexual abuse.

The main purpose of the Virtus Training Program is to teach each individual involved with the school or parish to recognize and prevent child sexual abuse.

Who is Obligated to Enroll in the Virtus Training Program?

All staff members, teachers, and volunteers who are in contact with children will need to participate in one Virtus Training Program session. They must also visit the Virtus Online website and read a certain amount of online bulletins every year.

The following are examples of staff or volunteers that have contact with children:

  • Cafeteria Staff
  • Catechists
  • Clerical/Office Staff
  • Chaperones for Overnight Events
  • Crossing Guards
  • Custodians
  • Drivers for Children
  • Day Care Workers
  • Instructional Assistants
  • Library Assistants
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Parent Volunteers
  • Playground Monitors
  • Physical Education Staff
  • Sacramental Preparation Staff
  • Tutors
  • Youth Ministry Program Workers
  • Youth Retreat

Virtus Training Program Requirements

Live Training Session

The first requirement is to participate in the live training session. They are available at many parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago. You can register on the Virtus Online website by clicking on the "Registration" link. After you have registered, you can find a location that offers this training near you.

Background Check

The next requirement is to complete a Background Check Form

Ongoing Personal Training / Required Reading

The last requirement is to visit the Virtus Online website to read the required amount of
bulletins every year. This is a continuous process, which is why it is part of the
ongoing personal training.


Guidelines for Ongoing Virtus Education

  • All professional staff and clergy must complete a minimum of 12 "Protecting God's Children" bulletins online every year.
  • Facilitators must meet annual requirements as well as completing all of the facilitator's online bulletins.
  • All non-professional staff must complete a minimum of 6 "Protecting God's Children" bulletins annually either online or in any other form in which they are currently being offered.
  • Volunteer catechists must complete a minimum of 8 "Protecting God's Children" bulletins annually.
  • All other volunteers must complete a minumum of 2 "Protecting God's Children" bulletins which will be assigned by their supervisor.
  • All other participants may visit the Virtus Online website and complete as many bulletins as they please.

The "Background Check" and registration for the "Virtus Training" can be done on-line.
Log on to:

All 4 requirements must be completed in order to be in compliance.  

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