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The New Millennium

Into the New Millennium

Y2K started to get some press towards the end of the 1990’s. Local and national news warned of worldwide computer failure, the collapse of power grids and other horrors to occur at the stroke of midnight January 1, 2000. The Church, however, would have none of that nonsense and began to plan to enter the third millennium with a worldwide, year long Jubilee celebration. Pope John Paul II called the entire Church and world leaders to strengthen their efforts to work for justice, world peace, and reconciliation and to forgive any and all debts owed by developing nations to financial institutions. For Her part the Church asked the world’s forgiveness for the sins of the past and reaffirmed Her commitment to unite all Christian denominations as well as to fraternal and spiritual solidarity with the Jewish community and other faith communities.

Epiphany Parish enthusiastically directed its energies to celebrate during the Jubilee Year of the Church as well as its 100th Anniversary in 2001. Since its founding Epiphany has always been a faith community that responded to the needs of its parishioners and neighbors or “Crawford Park”. The spiritual and physical needs of “Little Village” continue to be served through the generous spirit and talent of our parishioners. Our parish elementary school was reinvigorated and revived after the Sinsinawa Dominicans’ departure in 1993 through the leadership of our school principal, Sr. Elizabeth Pardo, IHM. The convent building was converted from a residential space to a multi-use ministry and programming facility and was rededicated as the Epiphany Convent Recourse Collaborative (ECRC) in 2003. It now houses adult education programs, ESL, two computer labs, employment placement and training, Padres Ayudando A Padres (a 23 week intensive parenting course), Safety Babies Initiative, and a new ministry for the imprisoned and those recently released from correctional facilities.

The mission of Epiphany Parish remains the same; to proclaim the word of God and give witness to the presence of our savior Jesus, The Christ through the way we share our time, talent and treasure in service to the Kingdom of God. Epiphany continues to be a place where all are invited to live our Catholic faith and to meet our Lord through the celebration of the Eucharist and Sacraments of the Church. Epiphany Parish is blessed to have the opportunity to proclaim the Gospel and share the Good News with our neighborhood. May God bless you and may the good Lord continue to guide the ministries of Epiphany Parish and School.


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