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Epiphany 1901-2001

Epiphany Parish when it was first built.Epiphany Parish 1901-2001, One Hundred Years

"Give us this day our daily bread..." goes the second part of our Lord's Prayer. This phrase reminds us of what the great spiritual leaders of many traditions teach is of utmost importance for any person of faith; to live our life in the present, today, in harmony with God. "Give us this day..." challenges us to trust in God's goodness and to live freely as God's children. We are not enslaved in the past, unable to grow and learn and love. Nor are we frozen in fear of the future, afraid to journey onward with the help of the Spirit. To know what our “daily bread” is, to understand what we need to ask from God this day, is to live today and only today.

Interior of Epiphany ChurchOur past and history gives us perspective, meaning and insight. It is what connects this day to what may be tomorrow. It gives us an opportunity to say “Thank you, Lord” today. As the parish community of Epiphany on our 100th Anniversary we are most honored and privileged to share in the mission Jesus entrusted to His body, the church. This mission we received in Baptism, as did our forebearers, as will our progeny. We today say, “Amen, I believe” because others before us said the same “Amen”. Our parish has faithfully served this great, holy mission for 100 years. The ‘Amen’ of the future depends on what we do today.

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