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Initiation into our Eucharistic Life



Children's Ministry... 

...involves rediscovering the sacraments of baptism, first confession, first communion and confirmation as forming a whole, which are called the Sacraments of Initiation. Initiation means the beginning, the first steps within your new Family of God. Too often we envision these sacraments as disconnected personal experiences, personal accomplishments on our path of self-realization.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Initiation, leads to a dying to oneself, so Christ lives in me.  We are called to leave family and self, to enter into a personal and public relationsip with Christ and His Bride, the Church.  

We need to find new ways to bring about a deeper and more personal experience of Christ and the importance of being with Him each Sunday in His family celebration, the Mass.

What Is The Vision, Mission and Values of Children’s Ministry?

Vision –    Children will live morally, pray consistently, and grow in their relationship with Christ.
Mission –  Children’s Ministry will create opportunities to help kids live with morality, learn how to pray, and grow as disciples, helping children develop spiritual habits that will lead them into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Values – Faith is a journey not meant to be traveled alone. Knowing this, Children’s Ministry values the following:
•    A partnership with parents in the development of their child’s life-long faith formation 
•    A personal, yet, public relationship with God and the Roman Catholic faith through Sunday Worship 
•    Authentic and accountable relationships between children, teens, parents and adults 
•    Authentic worship experiences: confession, adoration, rosary, Saints Days, etc...
•    A deeper understanding and familiarity with God’s Word 
•    Involvement in the local and universal church: mission 
•    Using one’s time, talents, and treasure at the service of God’s Kingdom: stewardship 
•    Love and service to those outside of the Christian faith: witness


Whole Family Catechesis centered on Christ in the Sunday Mass!

Parents, God-parents and catechists

The Pflaum Gospel Weeklies are a liturgically-based catechetical program that helps parents participate in their important role as the first educators of your children, giving them the tools to break open God's Word with their children. Parents are called to also nourish their children's spirit and soul, Gospel weeklies will help you lead your children into a deeper friendship with Christ. 

The Gospel At Home
This simple resource connects you to your child(ren)’s lesson each week. Designed for busy families, The Gospel At Home provides a short description of the Sunday Gospel plus suggested activities and discussion starters for each age level. These easy-to-do ideas will bring families together to share what each member has learned about the Gospel that they heard on Sunday (and studied in class.) Available in English or Spanish. 

Seasonal Activities
Extend your child’s learning experience with seasonal activities and prayers that you can do at home. Based on the seasons and feasts of the liturgical year, your family can have fun while learning about Jesus and his Church.

Handout for Families
Here’s a short but very informative explanation of what the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program is about, why it unique compared to textbooks, and how it can help your family. Available in English or Spanish. We will begin using this program for the school year of 2016-2017 for grades K-8.


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