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Parish Endowment

Monsignor Cummings Legacy

"The savings of one generation are especially helpful when a future generation must bear hardship--war, market collapse, demographic shifts." 

What is the Parish Endowment?

The Parish Endowment is intended to provide third source funding for our parish activities and services. For as long as our parish exists, the endowment will be on hand to provide additional assistance. As of 2013 this endowment fund is only a dream, it is still unfunded and in need of a leader(s) to take charge.

Endowment Balance as of December 2013: $0.00

Why we need a Parish Endowment?

As Epiphany parish grows and matures, new services and projects occur. The endowment will help defray expenses related to youth ministry, religious education programs, staff salaries, buildings and grounds projects, church furnishings and supplies, as well as supplement the parish's general fund.

How can you help?

1. Cash Gifts
Cash can be given in any amount at any time. These gifts can be made in memory or honor of anyone, including family or friends.

2. Memorials at the time of death
A family can indicate in the obituary that memorials on behalf of the deceased can be made to the Epiphany Parish Endowment.

3. Designation in one's Will
In preparing a last Will and Testament, a lump sum gift can be declared and willed to the Epiphany Parish Endowment.

4. Charitable Gift Annuity
A gift pays you a guaranteed income for life, provides you with an immediate tax deduction, and then goes to work for the Endowment.

5. Insurance Policies
You may purchase a new life insurance policy, in your name, owned by the parish for the benefit of the Parish Endowment, with tax deductible premiums. The tax-free death benefit would then pass to the Endowment in your memory.

6. Other Means
The Endowment can receive contributions other than cash: real estate, stock certificates, and art work.


Fr. Daniel's Wish List


Air Conditioning for church and hall  DONE! 

Restore our damaged Church Organ (we have a bid!)

Properly remodel Main altar and ambo (they have been in a state of temporary solution since the 1960's)

Return the baptismal font to it's proper place or find it a better "home".

Build a small building for a church store (or a portable classroom?)

Two handi-cap bathrooms (hall and church proper) bids needed!

Parking area for parishioners

Convent roof is falling! DONE!

Remodel second floor rectory (kitchen) DONE!

Sidewalk between school and church area

Gardens around church, grotto and welcoming spaces for relaxing

Remodel lighting in church hall

New boiler for church proper

Upgrade heating unit blowers of rectory

What to do with the empty lot behind the school???

Upgrade church doors panic bars on all exit doors. DONE!


Online Giving

Online Giving

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